During my time at the Pound SF I conceived the idea to name all menu items after my favourite Slayer songs. If you’ve seen this trend elsewhere, take note that it was inspired by yours truly.

I gained a lot of notoriety for both this and the fact that my food was as good as the songs it was named after. On a few occasions I incorporated other metal bands into naming menu items — The Chasm, Megadeth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Sepultura, The Agony Scene; but predominantly I used Slayer songs. I continued this trend while working at Bottom of the Hill.

Pound SF

Bottom of the Hill

I didn’t have a computer and I was rather transient the entire time I lived in the SF/Bay Area (November 2002 – September 2005), staying at hostels or wherever I could (for a short while I slept in the VIP room at the club itself). I did my best to document all of the bands/artists I catered for and what they ate, but some of my notes were lost during my travels.